These are our guidelines for membership and are stated for the respect and safety of our members. Any violations of the policies can result in immediate termination of membership and being forced to vacate the premises dressed as a piñata. So, for your own good, please abide.

Common Spaces. Our members have access to the following common spaces: outdoor recreation space, wellness area, nap pods, showers & locker rooms, community garden, and the kitchen & bar area. Members with a common or dedicated desk membership or private office membership have additional access to lounge areas and call pods located on the ground floor and upper mezzanine.

Parking. Parking is included with your membership, and is located in front of the building as well as in our additional parking lot off Strandtman Cove. Please do not block any vehicles in the parking lot by parking behind them. Please also refrain from parking on the street along Strandtman Cove, as this creates dangerous driving conditions for our members and neighbors. Any vehicles that are improperly parked are subject to towing at the vehicle owner’s expense. Journey Coworking is not responsible for any damages or infractions to member vehicles.

“Do You.” We encourage members to decorate their desk area. However, if you’d like to hang anything on the wall or ceiling or bring in anything excessively large, you must first get permission from our Journey Coworking staff. You must also keep your area reasonably clean & uncluttered, and keep your belongings confined to your immediate desk area.

Desk & Locker Room Storage. If you are at a Dedicated Desk, we will provide you with secure storage. If you have special equipment or storage needs, please discuss with one of our staff members.

Locker room lockers are provided for temporary storage use, not to exceed three (3) days. Our staff reserves the right to open lockers that have either exceeded that time period or if we suspect that the contents within would provide evidence that our policies have been violated.

Restrooms / Showers / Locker Rooms. Our facility offers a single-occupancy gender-neutral restroom on the upper mezzanine and shower & locker rooms on the ground floor that are identified as Male and Female. Just as non-transgender individuals are entitled to use a restroom appropriate to their gender identity without having to provide documentation or respond to invasive requests, transgender individuals are welcome to use a gender-identity appropriate restroom without being harassed or questioned. Any questions about this policy may be addressed with the Journey Coworking staff.

Be ‘Noice’, Not Noisy. Be considerate of others around you. We understand that conversations happen in productive environments and in no way wish to maintain “library silence” in our dedicated desk space. However, we do ask that you maintain “inside voices” when working in the dedicated desk space and are mindful of those working around you. If you prefer to work while listening to music, use headphones. If you tend to speak loudly on the phone, our phone booths would love to hear your voice. If your meeting or conversation is growing in population or volume, continue it in a conference room or lounge area. If you’re having a beer in the bar, get us one too, please. We appreciate your consideration.

Food & Drink. We will do our best to keep the kitchen stocked with free snacks, coffee, tea, and beer. Please enjoy, stay late and hang out, but please don’t treat this as your primary source of nourishment. Feel free to bring in your own food & drinks and store them in the shared fridge, but label what is yours if you prefer not to share. Snacks and beverages are for members and their guests only. Every Friday at 4pm perishables will be removed from the refrigerators and discarded.

We all love to share, but please do not eat/drink food/beverages that do not belong to you.

Dishes. Please help us maintain our beautiful space by taking any dirty dishes/glasses to the kitchen before you leave, rinsing them, and placing them in the dishwasher after use. The silverware and/or tableware are part of the Journey’s home-please don’t let them follow you to yours.

Please use coasters on all wooden surfaces in the building, including desks and conference room tables.

You might be the best cocktail shaker in Austin, however, access behind the bar is not allowed by any member. If you are found behind the bar at any time, your membership will be immediately revoked, and you will be responsible for the remainder of your membership fees. Fancy a cold brew or beer? Journey Coworking staff will be more than happy to help with anything you need behind the bar.

Waste not want not. This is everyone’s space, so please treat it with respect, just like you would your own home. Place trash and recycling in the proper receptacles.

Food Trucks. We will occasionally have food trucks on-premises on a rotating basis. We will provide the menu, hours, and schedule to members ahead of time.

Security & Hours of Operation. Our doors are open Monday – Friday from 9am – 5pm. Members may access the Journey after-hours using the Kisi app on their phones. No key, fob, or code needed! For security purposes, we ask that members who use the building after-hours use the front entrance only when entering and exiting (even if you are just walking out to take a quick break).

Please keep in mind, after-hours access to the building is only available to members. Members who fail to comply with this policy will have their access to the facility restricted to business hours and may have their contract terminated.

Visitors & Guests. We heart guests. We heart them so much we will collect every visitor’s e-mail address that enters the space. All guests must sign in at the front desk before entering the rest of the space. Please note: Members are responsible for making sure their guests sign-in, for escorting their guests, and for ensuring that they follow our policies while they are here. Members are responsible for their guests’ actions while they are on the premises. Please keep in mind, visitors and guests are only allowed at Journey Coworking during business hours (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm). Members who fail to comply with this policy will have their access to the facility restricted to business hours and may have their contract terminated.

We provide two (2) Guest Passes per member per membership term, unless your membership agreement states differently. If you plan to have the same or multiple visitors for more than a day, you can forfeit a Guest Pass or purchase a Guest Day Pass for $25.

Smoking. Smoking is not allowed near or around the main entrance or near any of the perimeter doors. There is a designated smoking area near the fire pit on the west side of the building. Please do not throw your cigarette butts on the ground or dispose of them inside the building. There are ashtrays located near the fire pit to dispose of your butts.

Community Garden. The garden lots are on a first-come-first-serve basis; feel free to grow your own herbs and produce. Please do not grow anything illegal or otherwise poisonous.

Nap Pods. The sleeping / nap pods are on a first-come basis and usage should not exceed one hour with recommended naptime at 20-30 minutes. Please don’t abuse this or be gross or negligent. We reserve the right to ban you from the nap pods should we suspect lewd or unscrupulous behavior.

HVAC. The heating and air conditioner run from 9am to 5pm Monday – Friday. Members may request activation of HVAC after hours by submitting a request to an Journey Coworking staff member. We reserve the right to charge for overtime HVAC so long as we tell you in advance.

Conference rooms and phone booths. Conference rooms are available to members at no charge, but must be reserved in advance. Please limit long-standing meetings to once a week. Otherwise, please be limit conference room reservations to one hour. Conference rooms are not intended for individual member use. If you need to take a call or need private space, please use one of the call pods located throughout the building. Keep in mind that guests may only visit during business hours (M-F 9am-5pm), so you will want to be sure your meetings are scheduled and completed between those hours only.

Internet. High-speed fiber optic internet provided by Grande is included. Speed is not guaranteed, although we hate slow internet too and will try to keep it fast. We also cannot guaranty the security of your data or information that you upload or access via our internet service. Internet outages happen and we cannot ensure uninterrupted internet access. You and your guests must comply with our access terms as well as any terms provided by Grande.

Phones. Desk phones are not included. Members are expected to use their mobile phones or VOIP services such as Skype or Google Voice.

Printers / copiers / scanners. These are available for shared use by our members. Please respect each other and the environment and limit yourself to normal day-to-day use. We kindly ask that you do not use Journey Coworking printers for bulk printing. If you need to print more than 20 pages, please do so at a nearby FedEx Kinkos.

B.Y.O.PC. We do not provide members with computer monitors or laptops. If you want one for use at your desk, please bring your own.

Snail Mail. You can use Journey Coworking address as your business address, use “ C / O [Your Business Name]” to ensure it gets to you safely. You may also receive packages from UPS & FedEx and the person at the front desk will receive and deliver it to your workspace. Please note: if you leave us, you are responsible for updating your mailing information with all of your contacts. We are not responsible for forwarding your mail. Also, please be respectful of our shared space for your large parcels and remove them promptly. We are not responsible for holding any of your packages beyond three (3) business days.

Front Desk. Whomever is manning the front desk will be as helpful as they can and accommodate your needs as expediently as possible. However, please remember that they serve our entire community and be respectful of their time.

Scaling Up. You may add new members or desks at any time, based upon availability. Additional members will have coterminous terms per the original membership agreement. Please contact our Journey Coworking staff with any questions regarding this policy.

Friends with Benefits. Membership is by invitation-only. We strive for diversity in our community, through a mix of creative entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote and satellite employees. If you know someone who would be a great addition to our community, please let us know. We have an awesome referral program which incentivizes you to work alongside your friends, family, and colleagues. Talk to our staff to learn more.