Thank you for being a valued member of atx FACTORY! Since we love our members, we are offering a member referral program.  

  • Call For Visitors: Know any friends looking for a FACTORY? We love new faces. Bring your friends to visit and be social.
  • Member Referral Bonus: For every friend you refer who joins atx FACTORY, we will give you: 50% of the first month’s membership fee for a 6-month membership OR 100% of the first month’s membership fee for a 12-month membership!

“After checking out most coworking spaces in Austin, I decided to join atx FACTORY.  What drew me to this space over others wasn’t only the aesthetics and the space itself but how welcoming and professional it felt. Their social membership was a perfect fit and has been extremely fulfilling for me. As a business owner with contract employees whom all work remotely, working from home can be very isolating. atx FACTORY provided me an affordable space to work among other like-minded people when I want to shake it up. It’s only been a few months and I’ve already met incredible people not only from the day-to-day but through the fun and useful events that atx FACTORY puts on for its members. I really don’t know what I’d do without this place and would highly recommend it to anyone—no matter their needs. atx FACTORY has a membership for everyone.”

Katherine Mayer, Mayer Consulting Solutions

“The social membership is great. There is always a spot open and seeing people move around and interact with each other is helpful. Plus you can’t beat the price.”

Chris Vega, North Shore Components

“They offer everything that I could need in a work space with the added benefit of being surrounded by some really neat people and companies.”

Mike Bradford, Viglink

“The great thing about the coworking space is the social aspect of it. Folks that may never have come together before are suddenly standing next to the coffee machine. What starts out as small talk can and often does lead to common goals. It is the proverbial melting pot. A tech startup can find themselves next to a financial regulator or a sales team needing a new niche. The truly unique aspect of this community is the social area. Members are encouraged to not only engage one another and network but to schedule their own unique and informative events. Such events are not only beneficial for the individual but the community as a whole. Common interests can be found but most rewarding aspect is expanding one’s own knowledge base. Lift the fog of ignorance and share a thought with your neighbor. Who knows what will become of it? Take a chance. It only takes a single day to start an adventure.”

Corey Messer, Remedy Urgent Care