The Best Places to Have a Team Building Activity in Downtown Austin

By July 17, 2017Austin
Team Building

We all are very busy people here at Journey Coworking. In the midst of the 1,000s of things we need to do for our businesses, it is very easy to forget to find the time that we need to take time away and build together as a team. Teambuilding activities have many benefits for your business:

  • Builds trust
  • Eases conflicts at work
  • Increases collaboration
  • Helps build effective communication

So that’s why I’m writing this article today to show you where to go for a team building activity that is pretty close to us – Downtown Austin. The criteria used for this list was looking for activities that offered something unique without destroying your budget. Most of our members here are smaller companies and do not have $25,000+ to spend on a Company retreat. The activities listed here are fairly light on the wallet, but heavy on the experience and fun. So let’s get started:

The Best Places for a Team Building Activity in Downtown Austin

The misconception that some of our visitors get is that we are in the middle of nowhere in Austin. That is further from the truth. We are actually very close to downtown Austin:

Less than 4 miles away from Downtown Austin and you can actually take the Car2Go we have here to go to the retreat. Plus with the all the parking spaces we have you can save on the parking (I still can’t figure out how all you downtown workers do the daily parking fees). So let’s hop in the Car2Go, ditch the boring Happy Hours, and check out what Downtown Austin has to offer:

Austin Panic Room

Escape rooms are such a great team building activity for your Company. You have to think and work together to escape the room. They change scenarios frequently, so this is actually an activity that you can do quarterly. It is not easy to figure out these escape scenarios as only 33% of the participates actually succeed. So grab your team and see if you can get your name mentioned on their wall of conquers!


Go on a scavenger hunt in the hear of the city. The hunt starts at the capitol building and goes out around 1 and a half miles. It is not only a great way to build team chemistry and to get outside and get some exercise, but also a great way to see the city. This is definitely something to check out!

SegCity Segway Tours

Austin’s official Segway tour. Taking you from 6th street to the State Capitol, I would recommend the Ultimate Tour package. This tour takes you around the center of the Downtown educating you with tidbits about Austin’s history, local city stories, and local secrets. Other tours include a 2 hour Austin street tour and a Ladybird Bat Tour. Get your camera ready for incredible shots of bats if you chose that one.

What have Other Cool Retreats in Downtown Austin you been a part of?

Did I miss anything on my list? If you have a cool retreat experience in Downtown Austin, let us know. Thanks for reading.




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