Get Social – The Power of Networking

How many times have you heard the phrase, “It’s all about who you know?” Sure, showing up to a networking event is inspiring, but that’s only step one. Whether you’re making connections at an event, meeting someone for coffee, or trying out a new coworking space, networking can get you on someone’s radar, but socializing keeps you there! Here are a few insights relating to building quality connections in your business network.

Form A Relationship
We challenge you to get social. Be the first to introduce yourself! Lead with your elevator speech, but tell a story about what makes you valuable. Work on building trust and credibility in relationships before asking for any favors or exchanges from your connections.

Pursue Quality Connections
What are your professional goals? Let’s say you have just launched a food truck. Your goals may include expanding your client network, branding yourself, and marketing your menu. Make a list of individuals that could be instrumental for your business by asking yourself, “who does these things well?” Whether you meet these individuals or simply follow them on social media, you are casting a smaller net in order to catch the most valuable “fish.”

Introducing Coworking
For those of you who dread public speaking or often feel too shy or self-conscious to put yourself out there at networking events, socializing just got easy! At many coworking spaces, socializing AND networking become a natural part of the workday. Not to mention, it’s easier to follow up when you work in the same space! A coworking environment is the perfect place to share your insights, mistakes, victories, and to connect with new individuals and teams.

Looking for a coworking space in East Austin? atx FACTORY is not just a place to work, it is a coworking community. At atx FACTORY, we’re exchanging more than business cards. The way we see it, the occupied seat next to you at the bar or desk space can be more than just that, it can be an opportunity to learn something new!

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