ATX Factory is now Journey Coworking!

By October 12, 2017atx factory
Journey Coworking

ATX Factory is now Journey Coworking

As you all may have seen in recent Austin news, we have been involved in a naming dispute with a certain incubator located in Downtown Austin. The original idea for our name came about when I purchased the Levander Loop building back in 2015. Being that this space was originally a lighting warehouse that also did manufacturing, our former name not only embraced that industrial and factory feel, it reflected what people do here every day – create and build things.

Levander Building Purchase

I felt the old name reflected my vision for our membership, our culture, and the network we wanted to build here. I now realize that it is our members who create that vision, not the name. Although it is sad to let go of that name, we didn’t have a choice. Our incubator friend in downtown said:

For my purposes of protecting my trademark, it’s actually better to have it in the press so that everyone knows that we will expend whatever time and money it takes to defend our brand. You will lose this lawsuit. It’s worth it for me because at the end my brand will be stronger and better protected from others.

More power to you friend.

Instead of throwing hundreds of thousands of dollars to lawyers to defend meritless lawsuit, I decided it made more sense to encourage and promote our local startup scene and invest that time, energy, and money into supporting my original vision.

Lawsuits are never fun. But, unfortunately, they come with the territory. It’s all part of the journey.

I spent these last few weeks thinking and wrestling with various brand ideas and names that would embrace what we do in this space every day. I wanted this name to tie together what our incredibly bright business owners, entrepreneurs, and companies do every day to make this place the best Coworking Space in Austin. Today, I am proud to announce that we have rebranded our name to Journey Coworking.

Entrepreneurship is just that – a journey. And believe it or not, everyone surrounding you is involved in this journey. They tolerate your late nights, your emotional rollercoasters, your thrifty lifestyle because you haven’t paid yourself in months, and the fact that you rarely hang out with your friends because you burn the midnight oil more times a week than you shower.

Old Building

Entrepreneurship is challenging. I started my very first technology company almost ten years ago bootstrapping it with only a couple of thousand dollars to invest. Grinding and working tirelessly runs deep in my blood, however, when I decided to embark on that journey, my friends and family called me crazy. And I feel several of our members are on that same version of their own journey – figuring out how to drive their businesses to success, learning how to scale, making countless mistakes, and celebrating their major deals and milestones won as a unit.

I welcome all of you to join me in celebrating our name change and embracing our unequivocal culture. Because sometimes going on your own journey alone just sucks, and you need people who can relate to what you are going through or simply guide you along the way. Stop by for a cold brew or Kombucha, or just to say hi. There are many paths to be tested and tried in life, but there’s only one journey – yours begins here.

Biggie and Willie Nelson




Author Vijay Mehra

Vijay is the founder of atx FACTORY, a 14,000-square-foot Austin workspace that combines co-working and lifestyle amenities. Prior to starting up atx FACTORY, he spent more than eight years leading REthink, which helps real estate firms digitize their processes. Vijay wrote the original version of the software and bootstrapped the business with just $2,000 in savings and transformed it to be a major player in the Residential and Commercial Real Estate Space.

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