A Digital Nomad’s Exotic Paradise: A View of Coworking From Bali, Indonesia!

What are coworking spaces around the world doing? Our Austin TX coworking space, Journey Coworking, has connected with a coworking space in Bali, Indonesia called Hubud! Hubud is changing the way people live, work, and learn. I had the pleasure of video chatting with Chris Thompson, the director of Hubud, to get a sneak peek of coworking in Bali!

Hubud’s DNA

Hubud is a playground for adults! It is a bamboo sanctuary to be green, creative, and community-driven. It is truly a place to integrate a work-life balance in an exotic setting. Hubud’s well-established community has given it momentum to sustain itself due to its fundamental founders in addition to it’s loyal and active member following.

The Value of Community and Balance

A coworking space provides the entrepreneur with so much potential to try new things, learn new lessons, make new connections, and ultimately put effort into a hopeful return of benefits. In my interview with Chris, we highlighted how Hubud nurtures its community by creating excitement and togetherness and by holding daily events. Hubud ran exactly 431 events last year alone! Chris describes this as, “The bread and butter of Hubud and what makes us such a unique place!”

Cowork Anywhere!

Some might say that traveling the world and becoming a digital nomad is an ultimate dream – one that takes an insane amount of dedication and hard work to maintain. Hubud is not just a coworking space – it’s a movement of people who love what they do and who use coworking to propel their work/life balance. While you can certainly travel and cowork beyond the limits of your hometown or job’s headquarters, you can also find coworking in your own city and reap its benefits locally.

Hubud Global

Not traveling across the sea anytime soon? You can still have a membership with Hubud. Connect to Hubud online with the launch of the app, Hubud Global, or as they also refer to it as HUG. “If TED talks + Udemy + LinkedIn had a digital-nomad child, it would be Hubud Global.”

Journey Coworking

Looking for a coworking space in Austin? Journey Coworking is a 10-month-old startup and coworking space in East Austin. We believe that two heads are better than one. We’re building a community of entrepreneurs and a space to increase your productivity. Become a member at Journey Coworking and you’re instantly part of a network of coworking spaces that are linked together through a coworking umbrella called the League of Extraordinary Coworking aka LExC. It’s a select group of over 70 spaces around the world that you can cowork with while traveling including Hubud!  

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