5 Steps To Be Mindful At Work

Austin Coworking Space Journey Coworking teamed up with PeaceBox last week to throw a meditative lunch and learn for coworking members and public! PeaceBox teaches meditation and mindfulness techniques designed to help reduce stress, increase present moment awareness and cultivate inner peace. Our topic and focus of this workshop was “Mindful Eating”.

Stacy Thrash, founder of PeaceBox, led participants through an educational lesson about being mindful with our lunch AND introduced a bonus guided meditation practice to close. She taught the idea of mindfulness. It’s all about living in the present and connecting to it. Take a grape for example; instead of tossing a handful of grapes in your mouth and eating them fast, the focus was to slow down. Examine the texture, the smell, and place close attention to your level of hunger. Then, taste the fruit with a new level of calmness and mindfulness. Members commented on how many of the fine details they now noticed about a simple grape just by being mindful.

You can take mindfulness beyond eating food and into the daily work life in other ways too! You can do this on your lunch break or at a time of stress with a 10 minute self-guided meditation. Here are 5 steps to be mindful in the work setting:

Be Mindful In 5 Easy Steps

1. Close your eyes.
2. Place your hands flat on your lap in front of you.
3. Take 5 deep breaths slowly.
4. Focus on your chest and stomach rising and falling. If your mind starts to wonder, direct it back to the pattern of your breath. You might also focus on counting your breaths or listening to the environment around you.
5. Enjoy!

Benefits of Meditation

Whether you are at work, at home, or traveling, there are several benefits to a regular meditative practice. Meditation can increase self-awareness and acceptance. It supports a healthy lifestyle and even reduces signs of aging! It can also reduce stress and improve concentration.


Mindfulness on the Move (TM) is a mobile studio that teaches meditation and mindfulness techniques designed to reduce stress and improve overall wellness. Whether you come to PeaceBox Headquarters or PeaceBox On The Move comes to you, PeaceBox can incorporate mindfulness into your workplace, community or school. Check out their classes and workshops here!

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